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Central Vacuum


What is a Central Vacuum cleaner?

It is type of vacuum cleaner appliance, installed into a building as a semi-permanent fixture. Central vacuum systems are designed to remove dirt and debris from homes and buildings, sending dirt particles through tubing installed inside the walls to a collection container in a remote utility space.

Why Use a Central Vacuum?

Closeup of a central vacuum cleaner, vertical

Increased suction power — Because the vacuum cleaner motor and dirt collection system need not be portable, the weight and size of the unit are not as severely constrained as in a portable system; some units even use two motors for extra power.

Ability to handle “difficult” debris — Central vacuums, can efficiently remove difficult dry substances, such as plaster dust, spilled flour, laser printer toner, metal knockout slugs and wire clippings from electrical work, or even small pieces and slivers of broken glass.

Complete removal of allergens and noxious odors — Central vacuums generally do not recirculate exhaust air back into the space being cleaned. This contrasts with the well-known acrid “vacuum smell” of fine dust and hot air exhausted from a portable vacuum. Instead, central vacuums exhaust spent air into a utility space, or directly outdoors. An external exhaust outlet can be easily concealed under a porch or behind shrubbery, but in any case, is less obtrusive than a standard clothes dryer appliance vent.

Low acoustic noise — Well-designed central vacuums are very quiet at the point of use, since the powerful motor is located remotely in a utility space. This is a benefit to the person vacuuming, as well as anybody else occupying the space being cleaned, who otherwise might be woken up or driven out by the loud whine of a portable machine.

Convenient cleaning — Setup, use, and storage of a vacuum hose and cleaning tool can be quick and efficient. Cleaning stairways is much easier without having to balance a heavy, hot appliance on each step, and coping with both an electrical cord and a vacuum hose.

Infrequent emptying — Central vacuums typically can accumulate up to 22 pounds or more of dirt and dust before requiring disposal. This is an unavoidable messy task that must be performed for any vacuum cleaner, but can be done much less frequently, perhaps a few times per year.

Low consumables cost — For filter-less systems, there are no ongoing costs, other than occasionally replacing a worn-out motor brush or vacuum hose.

Reduced damage and wear to furniture and walls — There is no heavy or awkward canister or other motorized unit to carry from room to room when vacuuming. Only a lightweight vacuum hose and the cleaning tool being used need to be carried.

Durable equipment — Good-quality central vacuum systems can last indefinitely, perhaps requiring replacement of the motor brushes once per decade of use. Besides using heavy-duty components, central vacuums avoid the damage caused by accidental dropping or collisions of portable equipment with fixed objects.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

TTCS Solutions installed a Nutone Central Vacuum system at my 3-level home two years ago! I love it! I am able to simply carry the hose plug into the wall and get a clean, quiet, vacuum. It is easy to use, no changing of filters, and keeps my home free from unwanted dust! I highly recommend using this company as they were reliable, professional, and respectful of my home.
– Carlyn C.