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Home Automation

The term “home automation” has a wide variety of definitions these days. It is defined as the ability to control and automate the subsystems and devices that exist in our homes (i.e., audio/video, door locks, security systems, surveillance systems, entertainment systems, etc.). The automation tree has 3 very different branches.

  • DIY – “Do it Yourself” automation packages. These systems are sold as small packages that mainly control a specific subsystem. If you only need to control one or two subsystems these devices are adequate, but most do not allow for expansion to another subsystem. Bottom line is if you don’t have patience and a real knack for electronics, DIY is not for you!
  • Security Based Automation – Large companies are attempting to expand their markets (i.e., Comcast Xfinity, ADT Pulse, AT&T, and Vivint, etc.). Most of these companies have no history in automation but have large resources. They generally lease the equipment so it is inexpensive for clients to start a system, but long term costs are much higher than buying the equipment outright. These companies have a massive fleet, and installers are specifically trained, so there is virtually no customization work as the installers stick to their company script. Integration with existing home technology is not addressed as these large box company technicians lack experience and expertise.
  • Real Home Automations – At TTCS Solutions we believe in simplifying lives based on unique lifestyles. That is why our team will meet with you to see what are your specific need. We then will design a home automation system that will grow with your home. A starter solution to control four devices with a remote control, tablet, or smartphone. Features like locks, and security can all be added at any time.