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The last thing a caller wants to hear over the telephone is that they are going to be put on hold. When a caller is on hold, 60 seconds seems like an eternity. One way to break this perception of an unreasonable amount of time on hold is to program your phone system to play music and/or informational messages about your company while the caller is on hold.

On Hold Do’s

  • Do greet the caller politely or use your company standard greeting (i.e. “Thank you for calling Turner’s Total Communications. This is Shavonda Turner. How may I help you?”)
  • Do wait for a pause in the conversation to tell them that you are going to put them on hold
  • Do explain the reason for putting them on hold
  • Do tell them you will return to their call in a minute
  • Do apologize for the inconvenience or thank the caller for holding when you return to the caller
  • Do take the person’s phone number and call them back if you will be more than 60 seconds away from the phone or you need to put them on hold again
  • Do use the caller’s name frequently to add a personal connection to the caller

On Hold Don’ts

  • Don’t interrupt the call to put them on hold
  • Don’t leave them on hold for more than one minute
  • Don’t put them on hold multiple times in one call
  • Don’t make them call you back; you call them back
  • Don’t be rude no matter how mad a customer may be

Sample Lead-Ins to Put a Caller on Hold

  • “Mr. Smith, can you please hold while I retrieve your file?” (pause for a response) “Thank you. I will be back in a minute.” (caller placed on hold) “Thank you for holding, Mr. Smith. I can now help you…”
  • “Ms. Jones, I will check to see if Mr. Johnson is available to take your call. Can you please hold for a minute?” (pause for a response) “Thank you for holding, I will be right back.” (caller placed on hold) “I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Mr. Johnson is not available right now. May I have him call you back?”
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