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Whenever you want to keep track of what is going on in your home or small business a security system can help you do just that! Whether you want to keep track of your latch-key kids after school, visualize your home when you are away, perhaps you want to deter theft or capture a thieve then a security system can provide the solution for you! Video surveillance systems can allow you to get a peek inside any room of your home or business without your needing to be there. There are a lot of video surveillance systems on the market, from a simple DIY, a wireless or wired system, or a more complex system with third-party monitoring. Often referred to as CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television, video surveillance systems can allow you to track and monitor anything going on in your home or business whether you are there or not.

On the surface, surveillance cameras and security cameras have a lot in common. Both can help you protect your home or business and let you review footage of situations like attempted break-ins or employee theft. The number one difference is with monitoring. Security cameras are continuously monitored by a third-party monitoring company (with a monthly fee attached). Surveillance Systems can be used to monitor your entryways, windows, rooms, outdoor areas, and small business, they can also be monitored by either you on your smartphone, lap top, PC or by a third-party company (with a fee of course)!

At TTCS Solutions we recommend a free in home or small business visit where we will meet with you, analyze your needs/goals, survey the property to be covered, make recommendations, and provide a quote! We will discuss the following~

  • Field of View-Inside Movement, areas surrounding entry-way, out-side, etc.
  • Camera Resolutions-based on what you intend to use the system for
  • Connectivity- today wireless systems can be installed, however, at TTCS Solutions our recommendation is for a wired system. We base this recommendation on the knowledge that a wired system provides a better signal, is more secure, and doesn’t require battery changes! Wireless systems may be cheaper, however, it’s important to keep in mind they are also more vulnerable. They can easily be disrupted, while wired systems are more stable! Wired systems can be aesthetically pleasing with wires run inside wall.
  • Storage-When it comes to a home or small business security system, one of the benefits is the ability to watch the footage again later. There are two general types of storage: local and cloud. Local storage systems will require some type of SD Card, which is placed inside the camera, and on which you can store or write over again in the future if needed. This cost is minimal. Cloud Based Storage is another option, however, like a third-party monitoring company, for this service you will pay a monthly fee.
  • Outdoor vs Indoor-Systems exist for both indoor and outdoor use. Generally, cameras meant to be installed outdoors will have a longer range and better resolution. An outdoor use camera typically cost more than those designed strictly for interior use.
  • Remote Viewing- While professional monitoring for your surveillance system is an option, at TTCS Solutions we say why pay a monthly fee for something YOU can DIY! Remote viewing is available from most smartphones, tables, or computers. This enables you to view kids while at work, check your front door without going to the window when the doorbell rings, or ensure employees are remaining honest. Most cameras today come with remote viewing applications.
  • Types and Brands-While these are too numerous to detail at TTCS Solutions we will work with your budget. We have partnerships with many brands (certified to sell, install, and maintain). However, our camera of choice goes to a good warranty. We generally recommend the Samsung Cameras, and NVR. This system is affordable for both residential and small business. They come with a 3-year warranty. They work well, have great resolution, are hard to hack, are rugged, and are user friendly!

Closing Thoughts- In most states, it is legal to install a hidden camera with audio on your property. However, in some situations, audio may be considered wiretapping, and could be illegal. Many cameras have night vision. A surveillance system can cut your homeowner’s insurance cost- check with your carrier! So, what are you waiting for, give TTCS Solutions a call today- Protect what matters most- YOUR Family, YOUR Home, YOUR Business!

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