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Just how safe and smart are you when it comes to determining lighting for home safety?

Lighting plays a vital role in the overall security plan for your home! Keep in mind the key word is plan, for lighting is just a piece of your home security system plan. Let’s talk about lights when to turn on, when to leave on, when to turn off!

Should you leave your porch light on? When to leave your porch light on? Burglars pay attention to homes; they stake them out and notice your routines.

When to turn porch lights on-

  • When you are home at night
  • When you are coming home late at night
  • When you are out and your children are at home
  • When you are expecting guest or a delivery

A true safety measure would be to install a motion sensor to shed light on any unexpected late night or early morning activity at your home. Motion sensors can lose effectiveness so; over time it is important to test them occasionally. You should consider setting your lights to a timer so they will come on automatically at dark. Keep a normal porch light schedule, if you turn porch lights off each night at 11pm, set your timer to reflect this. If you leave them on later, a burglar will receive the message you are out late tonight- Safe to always use a timer!

When to turn porch lights off?

  • When on vacation- a constantly lit house says we aren’t’ home! Remember to use that timer!
  • When you go to bed- use the motion lights to alert you to activity (and startling a would be burglar)
  • When you are anxious about being alone or vulnerable- remember burglars study your habits- something out of the normal sends a message of we aren’t home. Somebody stalking your house when your spouse is out of town will notice a home security pattern change.
  • When you are using a different entryway- an intruder will notice a backdoor light left on, this indicates you will be using this door. A back porch light left on during the day tells potential intruders what your intent is for the night!
  • When you are coming home after dark- Never leave a light on all day!
  • When you leave in a rural area- intruders can’t see in the dark, so don’t help them out by leaving lights on. This is when motion lights will work the motion light alerts you and alarms the intruder!

A few additional tips~

  • Indoor lights help with safety. A blue light bulb set to a random timer looks like a television being turned on and off inside your home
  • Set timers for lights, television, and radio to mimic activity.
  • Get to know your neighbors-they will notice unusual activity
  • Start a neighborhood watch
  • Get a loud barking dog- FBI statistics show 34% convicted burglars are deterred by loud barking dogs
  • Keep garage door closed
  • Keep your car door locked
  • Never leave your keys in your car
  • Trim bushes around your windows
  • Charge cell phone on a bedside table so it is within reach
  • Never post on social media that you are not home
  • Lights left on for 24 hours equals a Burglar Beacon Call, Lights on. Blinds closed. Open invitation to a burglar

Home security provides us with comfort and peace of mind. Lights play a vital role in our home security; however, the best protection is a security system plan. You can start with lights; add cameras, front door Ring, automation hubs, smart locks, driveway alarms and much more. The FBI estimates that 1.5 million homes are burglarized a year~ Be Smart- Be Safe- Don’t be next~

Confuse your burglars~ when the lights are on are we home, or are we not? Don’t even Think About entering our Home Uninvited!

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