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You’ve come along Way Baby~
Home Security starts at the front door with the Ring Video Doorbell!

We’ve come a long way with doorbells. While they used to be the mechanism next to your door that rang “ding dong” to signal that someone was on your porch, they’ve come to be so much more.

Now doorbells have become technical, and that means you have a whole range of chimes to choose from, without being confined to the traditional “ding dong.” In addition, doorbells have become a security device. Your doorbell can allow you to communicate by voice with your visitor before unlocking the door, or even send video to show you who’s standing outside.

The evolution of the doorbell

It used to be quite simple. Someone stepped onto your doorstep, and pushed a button next to the door, although earlier renditions consisted of a pull cord. Once that button was pushed, it ran along a wire to a “bell” inside. It would ring the bell to alert you that you had company, as sometimes knocking on a door isn’t quite loud enough.

Eventually that tone that was heard came to be more than just a ding dong. Sometimes it’s just one tone instead of two, and other times it’s more of a buzzer or a chime. And there are much more involved doorbells as well that involve many tones; they combine to actually play a song.

In the last few decades the advance of technology has also brought us wireless doorbells. The tone or tones play through radio signals instead of a wire.

Along with improved technology came a greater concern for security. First, voice communication from interior rooms to the door became common, and today, video cameras are easy to find and install. While many people have separate video cameras and doorbells on their entryways, some units combine both features.

Factors to consider

The doorbell you choose for your home will be what works best for you, whether it’s a classic chime, electronic, a techno marvel that includes video, wired or wireless. Think about whether you want additional security measures, and consider the options for the interior speakers.

Wired or wireless

If you’re not able to run wires through your home for a doorbell system, you might want to go with a wireless doorbell. They work off a radio transmitter that receives its power from a battery. When the button is pushed, a radio signal goes out. The receiver unit picks it up, and activates the sound. You’ll hear either a “ding dong” or a longer sequence. We recommend a wired system!

Speaker options

Many doorbell systems today come with the traditional speaker setup: a single speaker, meant to be permanently mounted in a central spot in your home. However, you can find many systems with more configurable options. Some have portable units, so you can carry the speaker from room to room. Many also come as sets, with two or three speaker units, to prevent you missing callers because you’re at the “wrong end” of the house. Also, some doorbell systems include visual cues on the speakers, such as flashing lights. These are excellent options for the hearing impaired, and can be used by anyone to provide silent notification of a visitor when the audio output is muted.

If all of this is overwhelming to you, don’t worry.  We can tell you the doorbell consistently reviewed and rated as number 1-The Ring!

Did You Know? Video doorbells let you answer your door from anywhere using your IOS or Android Smartphone.

See, hear and speak to people at your door from your phone, tablet and PC.

  • Video Doorbell Pro Regular- Hardwired doorbell with advanced security features and a sleek design.
  • Video Doorbell Elite-Professional-grade doorbell with PoE and flush-mounted install.
  • Both Styles equipped with-Advanced Motion Detection

So why choose ring?

Smart Security for Every Home- Starts with Ring!

  • Works on Any Home Battery-powered or wired, Ring has smart security solutions for every house or apartment.
  • Monitor Your Property Watch over your home in crystal-clear HD with built-in night vision and on-demand video.
  • Always know whose there -Get instant alerts on your phone, tablet and PC as soon as motion is detected at your home.
  • Reduce Local Crime Get real-time crime alerts from your neighbors, and work together to make your community safer.

The Ring ~

  • A modern, sleek design
  • Can be wired to existing chimes
  • Features HD Video feed
  • Has Night Vision
  • Has Two-way communication
  • Alerts you when anyone presses your door bell

Stay safe whether at Home or away~ Home safety starts at the Front Door!


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